McGregor's attorney responds to complaint against retired judge

Attorney Joe Espy reacts to news his client is mentioned in a former judge's civil complaint documents.
Attorney Joe Espy reacts to news his client is mentioned in a former judge's civil complaint documents.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor's name is mentioned in the 127 page complaint against retired judge Patricia Warner.

The complaint, filed by the state's Judicial Inquiry Commission, references a custody battle involving McGregor's daughter, Susan McGregor Brown and her ex-husband, Todd Brown. It also discusses McGregor's financial donations to Political Action Committees that contributed heavily to Judge Warner's campaign last year.

Attorney Joe Espy questioned the timing of the complaint's release, as it comes during the Corruption Trial in which his client is a defendant.

"We're going back a year, how did this thing pop up today," Espy said outside of the Federal Courthouse.  "I mean think about that. How did it pop up in the middle of a trial after we had totally discredited the government witnesses?  Do you think this is an accident, we don't think it's an accident."

The complaint alleges Judge Warner mishandled the divorce and child custody proceedings of Susan McGregor Brown and Todd Brown.

It also cites campaign finance records that show McGregor donated more than $280,000 PACs controlled by John Crawford.  Some of those PACs then gave Warner around $20,000 in the last campaign cycle.

Crawford's daughter was Judge Warner's staff attorney.  Warner did not recuse herself from the case.

"The PACs that they are claiming in this case, this case in here...that they claim went to legislators," Espy said.  "It's the same PACs.  It's the same PACs, so somebody ain't can't spend money but one time."

The complaint also alleges McGregor appeared at a meeting with his grandchildren's counselor and the Guardian ad litem in the case.  Days later, Judge Warner allowed both of them to withdraw from the case.  Espy also denied McGregor intimidated anyone involved in the case.

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