Latest in Corruption Trial; More Lawmaker Testimony


June 22, 2011


Good Morning!

The corruption trial continues today with more testimony from a third lawmaker. First, there was Scott Beason...then Barry Mask. Today, former state representative Judge Ben Lewis will return to the stand.  WSFA 12 News Anchor Valorie Lawson will bring us up to speed on the proceedings this week so far.

A 4th of July Staycation is planned for a third year in a row for the Capital City! If you plan on staying close to home, there's a long list of things for you to do right there in downtown Montgomery. WSFA 12 News Reporter Melissa Johnson fills us in on the fun that you and your family can have without going very far at all.

And a store chain in Montgomery wants permission to start selling beer and wine. Eleven Dollar General stores have asked the city council for approval. The council doesn't usually make that call, but they got involved when residents complained about alcohol sales at some of the locations. WSFA 12 News Reporter Melissa McKinney has the details for you this morning.

Those stories, plus Josh Johnson and your Doppler 12 Stormvision forecast, all straight ahead on Today in Alabama...5-7am on WSFA 12 News!

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