Troy: University police were on duty at Tuesday's party

TROY, AL (WSFA) - Troy University is confirming to WSFA 12 News that university police officers were on duty at a party Tuesday night when the event was raided by agents of the Alabama Beverage Control Board. Sixty individuals were arrested as a result of the raid, most for underage drinking.

Troy spokesman Clif Lusk said it is the university's policy that sanctioned social events must have Troy University police officers present.

The university stated earlier in the day that the fraternity party was sanctioned and approved by the university, but that the fraternity was to be suspended temporarily.

The officers are said to be used at these functions strictly to keep the peace. They are not monitoring for underage drinking, according to Troy officials.

When asked if additional information on student athletes who were arrested would be released, Lusk said the matter was under investigation by the University.

Lusk added, "Athletes at TROY are first our students. The University maintains a student judicial process that addresses such occurrences, as outlined by "The Oracle," the official student handbook. This process will be followed regardless of a student's involvement in any extracurricular organization."

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