The president's plan to bring home U.S. troops from Afghanistan

Wednesday - June 22, 2011

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President Obama's plan to bring home U.S. troops from Afghanistan starts with about 10,000 of the 100,000 soldiers on the ground there.  We'll listen to his plan and then get reaction from a local VFW post where vets watched his remarks.

A Dothan District Judge spent the day on the witness stand in the state house corruption trial.  Judge Ben Lewis was repeatedly questioned about how he got his job on the bench and if it were a political payback from Bob Riley while he was governor.

There's a huge settlement to report tonight. Morgan Keegan brokerage firm - owned by Regions Bank in Birmingham - has settled customer complaints to the tune of $200-million. Customers say they lost huge amounts of money while dealing with Morgan Keegan.

And, the rain came today...left for a while...came back...left for a while...came back.  You see the pattern?  In tonight's new 7-day forecast, we'll find out if it's a pattern we'll see again tomorrow.

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