The president's plan to bring home U.S. troops from Afghanistan

Wednesday - June 22, 2011

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The president laid out his plan for bringing home U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  We'll listen to the specifics and then talk with some veterans at the VFW post in Prattville who watched Mr. Obama's speech earlier tonight.
A Dothan judge spent the day on the witness stand in the state house corruption trial here in Montgomery.  Judge Ben Lewis answered questions about how he got his job on the bench and whether it was political payback from then-governor Bob Riley.  We'll have details coming up.
The Morgan Keegan investment company has come to terms with state and federal regulators over customers' complaints.  Morgan Keegan - owned by Regions Bank in Birmingham - will settled for $200-million.  Customers say they lost millions because of the company's actions.
Today the rain came - went away - came again - went away - came again.  You get the picture? Tonight we find out if the pattern will be back tomorrow.
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