Veterans react to President Obama's troop withdrawal decision

Veteran Chuck Yarbrough explains his feelings about the current war.
Veteran Chuck Yarbrough explains his feelings about the current war.

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Inside the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Prattville, you'll find folks like Chuck Yarbrough who served in four branches of the U.S. military.

"At an early age I was just really, really patriotic. I just wanted to serve my country and just contribute."

If anyone knows what it's like to fight a war, it's him.

"Really scary. Really scary," adds Yarbrough.

He admits he never fully understood the mission for American forces in Afghanistan.

"We've been there a very very long time. As we were in Vietnam, and I haven't seen anything to make [think] we need to be there any longer."

While Yarbrough believes the troops should have been home by now, not everyone agrees.

Joel Goggins believes President Obama's decision opens the door for more terrorism in the Middle East and beyond.

"He's setting up the U.S. for a losing cause now. Because the Taliban, they know...when we leave, they're going to come in," says Goggins.

Despite differing opinions, most veterans remember what it feels like to want to come home.

"You wanna meet your family and friends and see what things are happening back here," says Yarbrough.

Under President Obama's proposal, 70,000 troops would remain in Afghanistan after 2012. That would mark more than a decade of U.S. involvement there.

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