County Road 12 - Model Horse Collector

It seems every little girl grows up loving horses but maybe not like Linda Walter.  She has hundreds. Every breed, every size, every color and they are all in her house. Debbie Williams has her story, somewhere out along County Road 12.

"It's always been horses, I don't know why."  Linda Walter has loved horses literally since she could walk. "I was about 18 months old and went missing from my grandparents house up in Illinois and they said has a horse gone anywhere near here and sure enough I was following the milkmans horse about two or three blocks down the street." Since then, it seems she has had a love affair with horses. "I think it's because they are so incredibly beautiful and also very fragile just like the china ones and it's their spirit." That spirit is forever captured in more than 25 hundred models. "I have horses from I dont' know how many different countries. England and Scotland, and South Africa, Japan, Korea the United States, Ireland." Every shape and size. "Little charms at half an inch to 2 feet tall rearing. They're made of wood, plastic, porcelain, china, ceramic. Some people say they are just toys but actually they're not not with some of the prices people pay for some of these horses." She's seen them sell for as much as 23 hundred dollars. "I have paid a few hundred for ones that I own and I was happy to get it at that price."

But it's not about the money. It's the mystery of the horse and why we seem so fascinated. "I can get on these imaginary horses and ride anywhere I want. If you've ever seen a mustang running free you know that there is just something that is just America and that's just beautiful. Ittakes your breath away." Riding with the wind in Troy, Debbie Williams and photojournalist Darren Gilley, out along County Road 12.