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Thursday - June 23, 2011

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Hang on...Friday's almost here...which means the weekend's not far away.
Our top story tonight examines the steadily shrinking financial reserves of the Montgomery Public School system.  We asked how much is left...and found out the cupboard is just about bare! Only about 15% of the minimum required by the state school board....and it may soon be gone.  Get the full story - right off the 10.
The marque witness for the prosecution took the stand in the state house corruption trial today.  Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley - who was one of the original defendants - is expected to talk in more depth about his dealings with lawmakers tomorrow. Gilley pleaded guilty two months ago and has been cooperating with the government since then.
On SACS probation, deep in debt, and faced with a dwindling enrollment - somehow Montgomery's Huntingdon College turned it all around over they last 7 years...and hasn't looked back since.  Tonight, the college explained how it's reaching out to be even more involved in the community and the neighborhoods that surround its campus.
And, yes...miracles do happen...on the field of competition.  Tonight, the story of the Miracle League Field in Troy and how it has brought smiles and tears to the faces of parents of kids who never thought they would be able to compete.
Hope you'll join us for all this and a new forecast through the weekend - at 10.
I'll keep the light on for you!
Bob H.