Gov. Riley's attorney files notice of unavailability

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley's attorney Monday filed paperwork stating Riley would be temporarily unavailable as a witness should he be called to testify in the ongoing federal gambling corruption trial.

The notice comes one day after Riley crashed his motorcycle in Fairbanks, Alaska while enjoying a cross-country motorcycle trip.

The notice reads as follows:

The undersigned counsel hereby advises the Court that former Governor

Bob Riley has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Alaska. His injuries

include several broken bones and a punctured lung. Governor Riley will return to

Alabama as soon as his doctors clear him to travel, and it is unclear how long it

will be before he would be able to appear in the courtroom. As a result, Governor

Riley is presently unable to honor his commitment to be available to testify in the

event that the Court were to allow his testimony. The undersigned counsel will

advise counsel for Mr. McGregor when Governor Riley would be able to appear in

the courtroom. - Michael R. Pennington (Attorney for Robert R. Riley)