Residents worry about higher taxes...

Monday - June 27, 2011

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Hello from the WSFA 12 Newsroom! 
Folks in Lowndes County trying to make sure their taxes don't go up - to finance a new building for the county's Internet access program.  The county needs $3.5 million for the building and says it will need to use tax dollars to make the payments.
Despite the city of Prattville borrowing millions to help developers of the High Point retail complex on Cobbs Ford Road - the owners have been foreclosed on and the property will be sold to the highest bidder Thursday.  The sale on the steps of the courthouse in Wetumpka will be for cash only.  We'll have more on this developing story at 10.
Some great economic news for Alex City....more automotive supplier jobs on the way.  The same story up in Huntsville...for aerospace workers.  Couldn't happen at a better time with the state's high unemployment rate.  We'll run down the numbers.
Former Governor Bob Riley is in the intensive care unit of a Fairbanks, Alaska hospital.  Riley was riding his motorcycle on a rain-slickened dirt and gravel road when he had to "lay his bike down"...hard.  He broke 7 ribs, a collar bone and punctured a lung.  Despite all that, the doctors say Riley should make a full recovery. (But boy - is he going to be sore for a  l-o-n-g time!)  Family members flew to Alaska after getting the news.
Week 4 of the state house corruption trial is underway.  Day 3 of testimony for Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley.  He talked about money being paid to win the votes of key members of the legislature.  Gilley has already pleaded guilty to federal charges against him and is cooperating with prosecutors.
And, in case you're's still going to be hot, humid and downright inhospitable tomorrow. 
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