Montgomery choir chastised for singing national anthem in U.S. Capitol

Most Americans would agree that singing the national anthem is a symbol of patriotism, but what could possibly be the problem with singing it in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol?

A Montgomery, Ala. church choir found out the hard way during a trip to the nation's capital.

The youth choir at Frazer United Methodist Church was on its way to a mission trip in New York when students and their chaperons decided to take a quick stop in Washington, D.C. for a tour.

While in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building, the students broke out into song and shared the national anthem with other tourists viewing the historic building.

Security, then told the students it was against the law to sing without a permit in the building, and that if they sang again, they would be asked to leave.

Debbie Peavy, Director of Youth Worship Arts at Frazer, said the students were stunned. "They basically had their hands slapped for singing the national anthem in our nation's capitol," she said.

Peavy said the choir was able to finish the anthem before being told not to do it again. "It was an awesome experience," she said, adding that the students learned a lesson as well.

The choir sang again at the Lincoln Monument, but with a permit for an organized concert in hand.

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