School system juggle funds to avoid being broke...

Tuesday - June 28, 2011

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Hope you got some rain this afternoon and evening.  It was just what we needed to soak our lawns and cool things down a bit.  Rich updates our fairly good rain chances for tomorrow afternoon - at 10.
Thanks to some money shuffling, public schools in Montgomery won't be flat broke when the new year begins.  Reporter Melissa McKinney will run down the numbers to get a better idea on the condition of the system's finances.
Then we're off to Eclectic where the town council is considering dropping it's publicly funded ambulance service.  Council members are examining a plan to turn it over the Haynes Ambulance.  Reporter Samuel King has that story for us...first thing in the newscast.]
Things got a little dicey at the federal courthouse today during testimony in the state house corruption trial.  Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley - another of the key prosecution witnesses - talked about suggestions of using sexual favors to win support lawmakers' support for pro-bingo legislation.  We'll have a recap from reporter Max Reiss.
Imagine for a moment you get some unbelievable news - your twins had drowned in a relative's backyard pool.  Tonight, you'll meet the couple from Covington County two years after their tragedy and hear about the program they're supporting to teach kids water safety.
And, did you hear?  Nick Saban suspended two of his players for undisclosed infractions.  We'll tell you what we know so far.
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