Car thefts on the way down in the River Region...

Wednesday - June 29, 2011

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Another steamy night out there.  Rich Thomas - just back from a hugely successful weather radio programming day at Publix on Vaughn Road - says don't expect much relief unless you're lucky enough to get beneath a local thunderstorm in the afternoon.
Car thieves are not having a big year in Montgomery.  In fact, Montgomery police say the total numbers for last year and year-to-date are down.  Encouraging news to say the least.
THe Clarion Hotel in downtown Montgomery - formerly the Madison - and before that several other names and chain affiliations - is for sale.  We'll tell you why one city official says she doesn't expect the 160-room hotel to be on the market for long.
The star witness for the prosecution in the State House corruption trial is out sick...recovering from dehydration, we're told.  Ronnie Gilley should be back on Friday, we're told.  There was testimony today - an FBI agent rehashed taped conversations involving Victoryland owner Milton McGregor and others.  We'll have a full recap at 10.
And, the governor presided over a huge economic announcement for a small town...Kellyton in Coosa County...lots of jobs coming there.  Same story in Alex City.  We'll have the specifics coming up.
Hope you have a good Thursday on tap...and that you'll join us at 10.
See you on the set.
Bob H.