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Hartselle mom charged with murdering son pleads not guilty


"Not Guilty"

That's the plea of a Hartselle mother accused of murdering her 3 year-old son two years ago.

23 year-old Casey Lynn Travis was expected in Morgan County courtroom for her arraignment Thursday, but didn't show up.

She submitted a waiver to not be there and just send in her plea of not guilty.

WAFF 48 News has been digging into facts behind the case against Casey since last week but what we haven't told you is more people are involved in this story.

Travis is charged with murdering her 3 year-old son Jayden Travis.

He died September 21, 2009. Police say Casey's sister, 25 year-old Rheanna Van Antwerp was also there the night it all happened.

Van Antwerp is charged with criminal negligent homicide, by definition, it is a lesser charge than murder but says the person was negligent in allowing someone to die.

Attorney, John Mays,  is representing Casey's sister, Rheanna.

He said, "there were basically three people in the house, my client, her sister and her sister's boyfriend. At the point of time the pill was ingested, my client was in bed asleep."

Jayden died after taking a pill of "suboxone."

Mays added, "it is a synthetic form of heroin much like methadone."

Through a Priceville Police investigation, investigators say they found that Jayden ingested the pill hours before rescue crews were ever called.

Mays said Casey nor Rheanna had a prescription for the pills.

He said this case will boil down to if an intentional or accidental crime was committed.

"In order to prove the crime of murder, the state would have to prove that someone actually handed that child a pill and directed them to take it," said Mays.

We tried reaching Casey's Attorney, Nick Heatherly, for comment but was unsuccessful.

In the meantime, parts of Jayden's family who was at court Thursday for the arraignment still want answers from Casey.

Jayden's grandmother, Carol Adkins said, "she didn't have the guts to stand up and face us but she is going to have to eventually. She pleaded not guilty well that's her right as a citizen but she is going to have to face us one day."

Both Casey and her sister Rheanna are out on bond.

We are working to find out more about the third person who was in the home at the time Jayden took that pill.

No trial date has been set for either woman.

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