Bingo expected at old Country Crossing location

This week marks what Center Stage owners hope is a new era for what was Country Crossing. Owners say the development looks completely different and has a new feel.

But one thing is the same--bingo is still in the cards.

While owners aren't sharing many details, they say the bingo machines at Center Stage are made up of new technology with new games never before seen in Alabama. They believe the machines will pass the state Supreme Court's six point test for legal bingo.

The Attorney General's office says it has had several conversations with Center Stage attorneys reminding them what is allowed.  The A.G.'s office released a statement saying:

"Bingo cannot be played on a slot machine. It is illegal to possess slot machines for any purpose in the State of Alabama and this office will enforce the law. Moreover, the Alabama Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that local authorities cannot legalize any variations from the traditional game of bingo."

Center Stage owners say the new technology doesn't look like a slot machine and is simply traditional bingo on a computer screen.

Still some folks fear the legality will be challenged.

"It depends on whether it's bingo or machines," says Montgomery resident, Mark Hooper.

"Whether it's going to work this time or not it's just a big question in my mind," says Montgomery resident, Pat Franklin.

Center Stage owners insist, they're not just re-opening Country Crossing.

The AG's office is also making it clear that it will enforce the law to make sure slot machines are not operating.

Center Stage opens Friday, July 1st at 4:00pm.

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