CR 12: What's in a Name?

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - When you open up a store or a shop, the name is critical.   You want something that will catch the customer's eye and also something that has meaning to you.    If you stop by Steve's Service Center in Prattville, and you ask around, you'll see the name means everything.

Judy Scardina opened this place in the early 90's.   "I've worked at and owned this place for 18 years," Scardina said.   The name Steve has a special meaning for two reasons.   Judy's brother Steve was killed in an explosion in Selma 20 years ago.    She named the service center and her first son after her brother.   Now the younger Steve works in the service center with his name on it.   "He loves this place.  He's grown up here."

Judy's dad also works, or at least hangs out here too.   Everywhere you look here, there's family.   "It's nice to get together with my daughter and grandson at work," said Steve's father  Wendell Carter.    When asked what his son Steve would think about the whole family working together in a shop named after him, Carter said, "I think he'd be real proud of what we've accomplished.

Remember there are two Steves in this story.  The younger Steve just graduated from high school, and one day this place could be his.   "Having him here everyday gives us reason to smile when we hear the name Steve instead of being upset,"  Scardina said.   One thing is for sure, no matter what the problem, this group will be in it together, as a family

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