Campaign to bring trees back to Alabama

There is a new campaign to bring trees back to tornado ravaged Alabama.  The tornadoes that tore through Alabama on April 27th damaged and knocked down thousands of trees.  There is now an effort to replant.

The new Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign has been launched in response to proactive efforts of the Alabama Forestry Commission to spearhead recovery of the area's trees and forests.  The Arbor Day Foundation, in collaboration with the Alabama Forestry Commission. launched a new campaign to bring trees to families throughout the area.

While the cleanup and rebuilding will continue for years to come, people can help the healing process now.  Anyone can help with an online donation at  For every dollar donated, the Arbor Day Foundation will deliver a tree to an Alabama resident affected by the April tornadoes.

The Arbor Day Foundation will deliver native trees selected to thrive in the area at the best time for planting.  Distribution of the trees to awaiting Alabama families and communities will be coordinated by the Alabama Forestry Commission in February 2012.