The judge may set Casey Anthony free on Thursday...

Tuesday - July 5, 2011
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Coming up at five, the whole country's talking about the Casey Anthony verdict: Not guilty of murdering her daughter!  Starting at 5, we'll have the fallout from the jury's decision - which shocked many court observers in Orlando and around the world.
We'll also have courtroom news of our own - from the State House corruption trial at the Federal Courthouse.  Today an FBI agent spent more time presenting evidence from recorded conversations involving the defendants in the case. And, we'll find out when the prosecution's key witness, Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley will be back on the stand.  Gilley has already pleaded guilty to the charges against him.
Governor Riley is not coming home to an Alabama hospital after his motorcycle accident in Alaska.  Instead his doctors have recommended a medical facility in Florida.  We'll tell you more about why he was sent there.
Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is officially in the running for a full term in office.  This is the first day of qualifying for the August 23rd city elections.  Strange filed his papers today.
And, parts of our area really got some stormy weather this afternoon: heavy rain, strong winds and lots of tree limbs blown down.
Hope you'll take time to be with us for one of the four newscasts between now and quittin' time tonight...say about 10:35 p.m.! 
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