Anthony verdict draws swift reaction

The reaction after the verdict was swift.  Most people were stunned when the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

"I just don't know what the jury was thinking, after the duct tape and the chloroform, it doesn't add up," one woman said.

Despite what appeared on the surface to be a lot of incriminating evidence, some legal analysts said from the beginning that it was far from being a slam dunk for prosecutors.

"I think the public here in this case says we believe she killed this child but again knowing somebody did something and proving it in court are two different worlds," said Legal Analyst Mark McDaniel.

McDaniel said during the 6-week trial the defense team made several key decisions that made the difference.

"Jury selection, number one, and the decision the defense made to keep her off the stand," McDaniel said.  "That's the hardest decision a defense attorney has to make. Do you put your client on the stand?"

But the process left a bad taste in the mouths of many people outside the courtroom.

"She perhaps maybe should gotten some time, but I don't think she should have walked," said one woman. "I think it's horrible."

"The little girl, they really don't know how she died and why she died, but somebody ought to have to pay for it," another man said.

The jury in the case declined to speak about their reasoning following the verdict's announcement.

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