Editorial: Remembering

There are times when remembering dates and events can be challenging.  Think about how hard it is to remember joyous occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.   When the events are tragic it is human nature to want to forget them.

It wasn't that long ago our world came together to help those in need in Haiti following a devastating earthquake and again the world took notice in March of this year when Japan was struck by an earthquake and tsunami  resulting in the massive loss of property and life.

Locally we have seen firsthand the challenges those on the Gulf are battling through following the oil spill and our friends and neighbors in Alabama as they clean up and rebuild following the tornadoes.

On this week following an extended holiday weekend we need to be reminded that there are those amongst us that are suffering, need to be remembered and deserve our help.

So we encourage you to make a pledge today and that pledge is to remember and to help those in need in any way you can.  Rest assured the gratitude that will come your way will certainly be something you will not soon forget.

We appreciate your feedback.

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