Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – You've watched magic shows on TV, but have you ever wondered how they pull it off?  With the Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit, not only will you know the secrets behind the tricks, but you can perform them for your own audience!  That's if it works.

I seek out Kevin Ives from our promotions department at WSFA, as he's long been fond of magic.  He will take the kit home for a few weeks to learn some magic.  The kit boasts over 250 magic tricks and comes with quite a bit of gadgetry.  After several weeks of practice, his routine is ready and it's time to show off to some of his co-workers.

For Kevin's first trick, he attempts to push nails through a coin.  He slides several nails through the black box containing the coin, but most of the audience is underwhelmed.

Kevin then moves to a card trick.  Audience member Caleb Hawk chooses a number from a special deck of cards with a series of numbers on it.  He picks number 53.  He has to remove all cards with his number on it and return them to Kevin.  Now Kevin reads Caleb's mind!

"I think your number is number fifty-three," says Kevin as he nails his mind reading attempt.

The curiosity of many in the audience rises.  The next card tricks will grab their attention.  Kevin asks Liken Hudson to inspect a deck of fifty two seemingly normal cards.  Liken tells Kevin when to stop rifling through the cards.  He stops on a nine of hearts; the audience can see it, be he cannot.  Kevin shuffles the deck and her card should now be at the bottom.

Kevin says, "I've got the card and I've done it again so your card was the nine of hearts."

The crowd isn't fully on board, but Kevin turns the deck from a standard one, to one filled with the nine of hearts.  That wins all of their attention, especially Liken's.

Liken exclaims, "Stop it!  How did you do that?!"

Kevin then pokes a hole through a card in a plastic window, without breaking the plastic.  He even returns a torn card back to its original look.  And most impressive of all, he magically transports Liken's special nine, to underneath her purse in a different room!

"You guys!  How did you do that?" says Liken in disbelief.

Kevin explains, "It's all about you selling it to everyone else.  Because it might look simple, but if you're able to convince them, then it's going to work out."

So, was our audience sold?

Sports anchor Derek Steyer says, "Even though you know there's probably something to it, it's still neat to see it done without seeing how it's done."

Liken adds, "I was actually impressed.  I found myself actually being 'wowed' so it was cool."

So, the Criss Angel Magic Kit gets a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test!

The Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit cost us $29.99 at a local retailer.

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