Style Snaps - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Have you ever lost a hem while out or had the need to take up your pants a bit before heading out for the night?  The product Style Snaps boasts to be an easy way to get the hem without the thread.  But, do they work?

I turn to anchor Sally Pitts for some help.  The box reads:  "No sewing, no ironing, no gluing."  She takes some time to read the instructions before putting the plastic snaps to use.  The package comes with sixteen Style Snaps which claim to be reusable up to ten times.  Sally is ready to repair a hem on a skirt.

Sally says for the damaged hem on her skirt, "I'm going to use two, possibly three," referring to the Style Snaps.

Sally peels and sticks the style snaps to the inside of the fabric, repairing the hem.  She feels two snaps aren't enough so she adds a third.  It's now time to check the new "hem".

"If you did have the chance to stitch it back up, it would be better.  But, if you were on the go and needed something right then and there, quick and easy, it's a good solution," explains Sally.

Sally moves on to a pair of Capris that are a bit too long for her.  She has the hang of the peel and stick, so she styles up one leg in a snap, or four in this case.  She tries on the black pants and she's not impressed

Sally says, "You can definitely tell it's on there--you can see the little lumps.  But, if you had the time to have someone do it professionally, I think that's a better idea."

Sally tries the Style Snaps on one more pair of pants.  She'll wear them this time to simulate a lost hem during an on the go situation.  These pants prove problematic, because they have a liner.  When she attempts to remove the snap from the fabric,

"Ahhh, no!  Look!" exclaims Sally.

She's referring to the backing of the Style Snap peeling off, leaving the adhesive on her fabric.  Even with new snaps, she needs at least four to hold up the heavy fabric.  She's seen about enough.

"I'm disappointed it didn't work on all the fabrics, I'm disappointed with the appearance, and that I wasn't able to get those clean lines like you see here on the box," says Sally.

The snaps do wash with soap and water, and the stickiness returns upon drying, so they are reusable.

Sally admits they'd be useful as cheap quick fix, but the long term solution for a hem lies with your local seamstress.  The style snaps hem up a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased our sixteen pack of Style Snaps for $9.99 at a local retailer.

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