County Road 12 - Vision, the Cat

Black cats get a bad rap this time of year, lumped in with all the other ghouls and goblins. But, black cats aren't bad. In fact, there is one in town who is a real treat for the folks around him. As you might imagine there is a trick. Debbie Williams has his story, somewhere out along County Road 12.

He's just a normal cat. Just like any cat. He's in the middle of everything. This cat tends to do anything he wants.  But unlike any other cat, there's a reason. "He's not different from any other way," says Betsy Shedd, "except that he's blind." His name is Vision, and that's right, he's blind. He lives at Cardinal-Dunn Animal Hospital and he allows everyone else to work there. "Most people don't realize he's blind. Then they look at his eyes and they go, does he have any eyes? No, they're gone, there's just empty sockets there." Abandoned when he was about six weeks old and covered in ants, a good samaritan brought him here. They were able to save his life, but not his eyes. "I think he's very outgoing. He's very lovable and unlike a lot of cats he likes to just be held sometimes and likes a lot attention." according to vet-tech Paulette Cuddy. Of all the people at the hospital, Vision  had his sights set on Paulette,  almost from the start. "He took up with me. I don't know when it started. But just all of a sudden he was just my cat. Everything I do he would be in my lap or on my papers like cats do." He has an uncanny ability to act like any other cat. "He does run into a wall once in a while, usually if he's being chased or if a noise scares him that's not too often." There's an old wives tale about black cats, if one walks towards you it brings good fortune. If it walks away it takes the good luck with it. It doesn't matter if Vision is coming or going, this is one lucky black cat. And the people he comes in contact with are pretty lucky too. "He can see. He may not have eyes but he can see and Vision his name, just fits him perfectly." In Montgomery, Debbie Williams and photojournalist Darren Gilley, somewhere out along County Road 12.

Now Vision certainly earns his keep. If another cat needs a blood transfusion, Vision donates his. And when dogs or cats are waking up from surgery, Vision is usually cuddled up beside them.