Reed sues Montgomery, claims racism for no new district lines

Joe L. Reed
Joe L. Reed
District maps
District maps

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Dr. Joe L. Reed and the Alabama Democratic Conference have filed a lawsuit in federal court suing the city of Montgomery over the issue of reapportionment. Reed says the matter is a "gross neglect by city leaders."

Reed and the ADC claim Montgomery is violating law because it has not changed municipal council districts after the 2010 census data was completed.

Mayor Todd Strange responded to Reed's suit saying the city is allowed 18 months to create and adopt a plan for redistricting after the census data but that plan must be adopted 6 months before an election. That would mean, according to the mayor's office, this election does not fall within the time frame to do the redistricting.

"Those trespassing the law always have an explanation," Reed said of the city's response to lack of time to re-draw the lines.

"Montgomery should have a black, democratic mayor. Republicans are mean folks," Reed said. He believes there are "heavy population imbalances, and unfair representation, within council districts."

The city of Montgomery is set to have mayor and council elections in August, but Reed is seeking to have the elections/qualifying suspended until the matter is resolved.

Reed believes the redistricting boils down to a matter of race saying District 4 has a population of 15,258 and District 9 has a population of 27,782. Reed wants the size of District 4 increased calling the current lines "evil".

The lawsuit has two plaintiffs: Darryl Sinkfield (Dist. 1) and Gregory Graves (Dist. 8) and is filed in Alabama's Middle District court system.

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