Outgoing State School Supt. defends reasons for firing teachers...

Tuesday - July 12, 2011

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The Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Conference, Joe Reed says Montgomery should have a black, Democratic mayor.  And, Reed says he believes there should be five majority-black city council districts rather than the current four.  So, he's suing the city to make changes in the district boundaries.  We'll have response from the mayor and others.
Joe Reed also found himself in a showdown with outgoing State School Superintendent Dr. Joe Morton.  Reed, the number two man at the Alabama Education Association, recently wrote that Morton had fired teachers for trivial reasons.  Today, at the State Board of Education, Morton refuted the charges - reading a list of charges against the last 25 teachers fired by the state.  They included a number of serious crimes including alcohol and sex offenses.
At the State House Corruption trial today, former Country Crossing lobbyist Jarrod Massey faced tough questions from defense attorneys.  And, according to our reporter at the Federal Building Max Reiss, there were some very tense exchanges between Massey and a lawyer for Victoryland owner, Milton McGregor.  We'll have a live report at 6.
Federal agents raided a couple of Mississippi casinos today.  No specifics yet on why the FBI and other law enforcement agencies made seizures at the Golden Moon and Silver Star casinos near Philadelphia, Mississippi.  More on that in later newscasts.
And, if your favorite weather words are "hot" and "humid", you're going to love the new forecast for the next seven days!
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