Cash for Kindness: Recovering from the Storm

Ben Temple
Ben Temple
Angela Davidson
Angela Davidson

Starting over after a tragedy can be tough at any age. But for one young couple just starting out, starting over has been a challenge after they lost their home.

Some people very close to them wanted to help, so they reached out to WSFA 12 News to assist with a little "Cash for Kindness."

We've all seen the damage left by the April 27th tornados, but for Ben Temple seeing it has a different meaning, he lived through it.

His co-worker, Angela Davidson, told us Temple lost his home. "They lost everything."

Ben, his wife and young son had lived in their mobile home for less than a year.  What they thought would be the beginning of their new life together was all gone in a matter of moments.

"When I saw his home all I could say was oh my God!" Davidson said.

She wanted to help, so she nominated him for "Cash for Kindness." We gave her $120 to pass along to Temple to help he and his family get back on their feet.

We met a stunned Ben at work, and he was surprised by all the attention.

"How has this changed your life?" he was asked.

"It's made me realize you can't take nothing for granted. If you're in a trailer you'd better go somewhere safe."

Words from a man thankful to have his family safe and also thankful for kindness of his co- workers .

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Cash for Kindness" send me an email to and don't forget to put "Cash for Kindness" in the subject line.

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