Dadeville accused of racial discrimination at its city cemetery...

Tuesday - July 12, 2011

A grieving mother, looking for a plot to buy her infant son, says she discovered the city cemetery in Dadville is racially a wall.  Blacks on one side - whites on the other.  She took her complaints to the city council.  What kind of reaction did she get?  We'll tell you at 10.

We'll also follow up on a lawsuit filed against the city of Montgomery over its city council district lines.  The Alabama Democratic Conference says the city needs to delay the August 23rd election and re-draw the district boundaries.  In fact, they submitted their own plan.  We'll get the mayor's thoughts on the suit.

At the State House corruption trial the emotions ran the gamut with key prosecution witness Jarrod Massey.  At one time he was sobbing on the stand.  Then he was sparring strongly with a defense attorney telling the lawyer he disliked him.

And, the forecast for the next 7 days is pretty simple...but, I'll let Rich break the news.

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