Is the state revoking too many teachers' certificates?

Wednesday - July 13, 2011

Hope you got some rain at your place this afternoon.  It was a "hit or miss" proposition.  It stormed here at WSFA 12 News and we didn't get a drop at my house 20 minutes away!

On to the news of the night...

There's been a bit of controversy created over the number of teachers who've had their teaching certificates revoked.  Did the retiring State School Superintendent Dr. Joe Morton get rid of too many teachers for their bad (or illegal) behavior as suggested by an AEA executive?Tonight we'll talk with the man who was the school board's chief legal officer who says bad behavior is far too common a problem for schools across the state.

We'll tell you about a police investigation into a theft involving a Boy Scouts troop.  Who would steal from the Boy Scouts?  We'll take you to the scene of the crime....for the story that has a happy ending....but no suspects, so far.

In the State House corruption trial, Judge Myron Thompson had to issue a threat to a defense attorney and a prosecution witness whose bitter exchanges have escalated to the point of disruption.

And, we'll tell you what happened when the Auburn Police Department's SWAT team rushed an apartment where a man was reportedly holed up.  It's a story with a surprise ending.

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