Trailer stolen from Millbrook scout troop

Scout leaders want to know who and why someone would steal from their organization.
Scout leaders want to know who and why someone would steal from their organization.

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - Boy Scouts in Millbrook say someone stole a trailer filled with camping supplies.  Both the trailer and the supplies are worth thousands of dollars, so the theft is a big blow to a small organization.

The scouts from Troop 19 discovered the theft after they arrived at their monthly meeting.

"We used the trailer two weeks ago coming back from summer camp, and so sometime within the past two weeks someone had stolen our trailer and the equipment that's in it," said Duane Haughton, the Scoutmaster for Troop 19.

Troop leaders imagine that it took more than one person to steal the trailer, because it was secured and locked down.

The troop estimates the trailer was worth about $2,000, as was the equipment inside, which included stoves, propane tanks and rope.

"We do fundraisers for everything we basically buy for the troop and this year's fundraiser netted about half of what we normally get, so we're a little strapped for cash and this is a big blow," Haughton said.

It's also a big blow to the 23 members of the troop.

"I think it's absolutely something that's terrible," said Sam Waters, an Eagle Scout with the troop. " I don't why someone would steal from the Boy Scouts.  That's pretty low."

Thankfully, the troops' sponsor , the First United Methodist Church, and local business have stepped up to help.

"We've also had donations for professional services, for when we get a new trailer, to take care of it as well, said Robert Schodorf, Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop.

The Millbrook police are investigating the theft.   If you have any information, you're asked to give them a call at (334) 285-6832.  To donate to the troop, you can call Duane Haughton at (334) 285-2934 or e-mail at

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