Budget Cuts Affect History/Tourism Group

The group that preserves the Chattahoochee region along the Georgia-Alabama border won't be able to do its job unless it can raise up to $100,000 in the next year.

Officials say the Historic Chattahoochee Commission -- which promotes tourism and historic preservation in the 18-county region -- has had its budget from Georgia and Alabama cut by a combined 56 percent.

The area -- called the Chattahoochee Trace -- provides historic sites, camping, hunting, cycling and Indian mounds.

Executive Director Douglas Purcell says, to deal with the money shortfall, the commission has suspended or eliminated some of its programs and launched a drive to recruit 300 new members.

The commission's budget has fallen from more than 350-thousand dollars in fiscal 2003 to about 157-thousand in 2004.

Alabama Associated Press