Editorials: Legislative Compromise

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Everyone take a deep breath and sit back down.  That's what congressional leaders are doing this week at the White House to resolve and forestall an economic catastrophe.

If you have been in front of a television this week you have seen the drama play out between President Obama and the GOP congressional leaders.

On August 2nd we have $9 billion dollars of government debt due and roughly $1.8 trillion due before the end of the year.  The issue - we do not have this money on hand to pay these debts.  The options - increase the debt ceiling, raise taxes, cut spending or a combination of some or all.

What we need right now is less partisan rhetoric, less political posturing in front of cameras and more compromise.  Compromise by definition "is the settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions."

So here is your opportunity and responsibility - elected leaders - to earn the office "we the people" voted you into by finding a middle ground and setting a new course for economic stability.   To do less would be irresponsible leadership and would be viewed as such by most of the voters who put you in Washington.

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