Tuskegee Univ. prepares to replace burned apartment building

Friday - July 15, 2011

We made it! The weekend is here...

I know you're probably short on time, so this note will be short and to the point about what's up on the news at 6, 9 (on 12.2) and 10.

Tuskegee University fire - apartment building on campus a total loss.  Officials starting the process to replace it.

Corruption trial - prosecution witness Jarrod Massey talks about handing envelopes of cash to a state lawmaker.

Alabaster stabbing - three people stabbed in a motel room.  Two died - a mother and her 10 month old.  A suspect is in custody.  Charges pending.

Hartford fake cop car - police arrest a man who outfitted his private vehicle with blue lights, radar, handcuffs and a pistol.

Immigration law fears - an Hispanic woman talks about her family's concerns about the new Alabama immigration law. Is it unfair or just what Alabama needs?

Plus a new forecast and a wrap up of the All Star Sports Week in Montgomery.

Now...watch at 6 and have a GREAT weekend....and follow me on Twitter @bobhowell_wsfa

Bob H.