Mayor Sentenced; Passport Applications Up

The number of people applying for passports in the state have skyrocketed and officials believe it's a direct connection to the state's newly passed immigration law. Tonight Melissa Mc Kinney investigates.
 A former Mayor learned his fate today for filing false tax returns. White Hall Mayor John Jackson got a two year sentence.  He must also pay a 250 thousand dollar fine and that's not all.  Learn more at 10.
We now know the name of the man accused of killing a woman and her 10 month old child in a Shelby County motel.  Terrance Patterson of Louisiana is charged with murder.  Tonight we've got reaction to the crime from the area where it happened.
And if you owe the city of Prattville money we'll tell you how you can pay you're debt without being fined.
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Valorie Lawson