Tornado victims urged to act quickly

Monday - July 18, 2011

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Tornado victims across Alabama have until midnight to complete an on line application for disaster relief.  We'll tell you how to do it in our top story.

It didn't take police drug dog Daisy to sniff out more than a million dollars in cash hidden inside an 18 wheeler pulled over for a traffic violation on I-85.  We've got a few more details - like what the driver reportedly said to Montgomery Police officers when asked about the cache of cash.

Critics of Alabama's tough new immigration law say it goes to far - especially when it comes to the authority city, county and state police have when it comes to enforcing the statute.  Tonight, the Speaker of the House gives his opinion and brushes aside most of the criticisms.

And, in a special report, how doing the wrong load of clothes in your dryer just might set your house on fire.  That's right!  Thousands of house fires can be traced back to the trusty dryer. But there is a way to void the potential disaster.  We'll share it with you!

Plus, a hot and humid forecast is back.  But,'s Alabama and it's July!

Hope you have a great night.  Stay up at least until 10:35 will you?

Bob H.