Barbour County Teacher is a Class Act

Marcy Conti has a special trick to get kids motivated about chemistry. "Chemicals are all around us. Like your clothes are made of chemicals. The things you put in your hair are chemicals. Then it get them interested," she says.

Students at Barbour County High School (BCHS) have a good chance of learning science from Conti, and getting infected with her contagious love of the subject. 11th grader Brittani O'Hara says, "before I became one of her students I wasn't interested in any science activities. And since I have become one of here students, my grades have improved and she's just great."

BCHS principal David Hodby says, "Ms. Conti has headed the science department here at BCHS. She was very instrumental in our landscape project here at the school and she's an excellent co-worker to all of her colleagues here at Barbour county high."

Conti has a master's degree in comprehensive science so she's highly qualified to teach several different courses. 12th grader Gernardo Blakely has been in her class since 9th grade. He says, "she's a great teacher and if you need help she'll help you. She tries to go out of her way to help you and she wants you to succeed."

Conti doesn't just want kids to succeed in her class, but also beyond. Her room is loaded with opportunities for the future. "I get a lot of information from colleges. Scholarship information, classes they can take for college credit while they're juniors or seniors in high school. National merit awards, different scholarship opportunities things like that," Conti says.

Conti also worked on shaping the science curriculum for the entire Barbour County school system.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell