Pouncy sobs on witness stand; says she bribed senator

Jennifer Pouncy
Jennifer Pouncy

The first person to plead guilty in Alabama's gambling corruption investigation has testified she offered $2 million to one senator and $100,000 to another to secure their votes for pro-gambling legislation even though she knew it was illegal.

Country Crossing lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy testified Tuesday that her boss, lobbyist Jarrod Massey, told her to make the $2 million offer to Sen. Jim Preuitt because Preuitt was concerned the Alabama Education Association would spend $2 million in an effort to defeat him. She said Preuitt later wanted to make sure the commitment would stand if the bill died in the House.

Pouncy said Sen. Larry Means sought a $100,000 campaign contribution from her. She said Massey approved it. But she said she waited one day to tell Means because she knew it was illegal.


Pouncy sobbed on the witness stand saying she believed on March 24, 2010 that she bribed Senator Jim Preuitt.

Pouncy was called to the witness stand earlier than planned Tuesday afternoon because defense attorneys' objections halted testimony by an FBI agent.

They complained that agent George Glaser went beyond allowable limits when he told the jury what one of the defendants, former Sen. Jim Preuitt, told him about other defendants.

Defense attorneys objected because Preuitt may not take the stand and they won't be able to question him. U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson says he will consider the issue overnight.

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