Masked gunmen storm Macon County business

MACON CO., AL (WSFA) - It's a sleepy morning at the Torch. At 4am, groggy drivers are standing in line to pay the cashier. But in the parking lot, there's trouble.

In a matter of seconds, three masked men stormed in, guns a-blazing into the Torch. Truck stop owner, Bobby Crew says the images from the surveillance video still haunts him.

"It's very scary." says Crew.

In a matter of seconds, one suspect slams into the clerk, wrestling him to the ground.  The other masked man tells one customer not to move, while putting the other in a Full Nelson.

"It's the force used, their speed, and the strong-arm situation that concerns me." Says Lieutenant Robin Collins with the Tuskegee Police Department.

When the clerk thought things couldn't get worse, a third gun-wielding crook shows up behind the counter and it's time for business.  The register is opened and the first suspect begins stuffing handfuls of cash down his shirt.

Crews agrees, "It was very rough.  I don't think this was their first rodeo, they tried to intimidate the clerk."

In the course of two minutes, the trio streaked across the parking lot, out of sight.  Leaving behind no fingerprints, or a glance of the get-away car.

Lt. Collins said the clerk may have saved his life by complying with the robbers.  A 2 minute encounter with 3 criminals, that could have cost the torch much more than a drawer full of cash. 

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