NFL lockout forces player to mow over lawns instead of players

Marcell Dareus
Marcell Dareus

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WSFA) - A former college football player made a name for himself mowing down quarterbacks for the crimson tide. Because of the long NFL lockout, the only thing rookie Marcell Dareus has been mowing down lately is grass. He says, "I love to be on a field like this, but until then, I'll be on my home field."

Dareus adds,  "I knew what the situation was coming out of college. I knew it was going to be a lockout, but it's really nothing that I could control."

Lester E. Reasor is Dareus' godfather. He says, "They call me 'sarge."

Sarge says of Dareus:  "I gotta rouse him up every morning about 6 o-clock, get him out the bed.  I just gotta keep him employed. I got to keep him employed and his job is to keep this lawn cut."

Dareus says Sarge, "likes to wait until the sun is up. He likes to wait until it's noon; the sun is beaming straight on you. He feels like you lose weight that way. So I'm like, 'all right sarge.' I love being in the yard, cutting the grass, pulling weeds. It's just something -- it kind of eases your mind...I'm really anxious about the season starting, my first game. I can't wait to get to Buffalo so I can see the fans. I just can't wait to get the whole feel of the NFL. It's something that's so surreal that you never think it'll get here. You never know when you're gonna get that call. When I get that I call, hopefully I'll just be ready to go."

There are signs that the lockout could come to an end soon. The league's owners are scheduled to meet in Atlanta Thursday.