Grill Daddy - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Summer time comes with outdoor cook outs on the grill.  With all the cooking comes a bit of a mess on the grill top.  The Grill Daddy is a product which claims to utilize steam to clean and sterilize the cooking surface.

The Grill Daddy at first glance may look like a regular wire brush grill scraper with a thicker handle.  But it's designed to do something that a wire brush can't: add steam to the scraping process to steam clean the metal grill.

Collin Gaston is our general manager and vice president at WSFA.  He's also been known to cook a mean burger or hundred on the grill outside the station for staff events.  He wants the large WSFA 12 Grill cooking surface clean for the next station cook-out.  He's our critic for this "Does it Work?" test.

He looks over the tool and the instructions to get started.  The main step involves filling the handle chamber with regular old tap water.  Without the use of batteries or a power cord, Collin explains how we turn water into steam with this device.

"This on/off switch; I'll be turning that and water will drip out of these holes in the bottom.  So there will come my steam," explains Collin.

So the steam is generated when the water from the chamber hits the hot grill top.  With a preheated grill, Collin is ready to steam away the burnt on grime.

"It's dropping a good amount of water on the grill," Collin continues, "I'm getting some bubbling action from the water hitting this side of the grill.  It seems to be doing a pretty good job."

Collin continues to scrape away at the grime and he's thrilled to find a much cleaner surface.  The device is producing a consistent flow of water, producing an appropriate amount of steam.

"It's not dumping all the water at once.  However this thing is engineered, it seems to be dripping out in a way that would allow you to clean a pretty big grill," says Collin.

Collin feels that the water may help the cleaning process, but more than likely the blazing heat is what provides the sterilization.  Collin did enjoy using the new tool though.

Collin adds, "It's got a nice design, the handle is easy to use.  It cleaned the grill so...ultimately it worked!"

So the steam cleaning Grill Daddy holds up to the heat and sizzles to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased the Grill Daddy for $14.99 at a local retailer.

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