Big fun on the big lake Saturday in Elmore Co.

LAKE MARTIN, AL (WSFA) - To give you some idea of how popular and far-reaching Aquapalooza has become at Lake Martin, consider the story of Lynn Williams.

Williams is the manager at Uncle Nick's Smokehouse located some 30 miles away from the site of the event yet Williams is already seeing an increase in business, up 25% since Thursday and Uncle Nick's is brand new, not even two months old.

"We have hotel and bed and breakfast next door and when it's full we're full," said Williams.

At the Kowaliga Marina the stage is set, preparations underway to welcome thousands. No doubt they plan to soak in the sun and the music.

"This is just a great time to be on the water with family and friends," said Rob Noyes, Vice President of Sea Ray Boats which started Aquapalooza 5 years ago.

Aquapalooza takes place in about 90 locations in American during the last two weekends in July and overseas.

Volunteers say they expect a crowd of around 30,000 and among them 15,000 boaters. Many of them have already arrived.

"They'll spend the night," said Noyes.

Of the four musical groups, the opening act will be Derek Welsh and The Cold Hard Truth. The cold hard fact is signs point to a lot of fun for so many on the water.

The fun and the music begin straight up noon on Saturday.