Swivel Sweeper G2 - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – If you dread lugging out your heavy vacuum for a small mess or have a job that requires a bit more than the old broom, then the Swivel Sweeper G2 could be the right tool to fill the gap.  That's if it works as it claims.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 is a cordless, light weight, 360° sweeper designed to simplify cleaning messes on hardwood, tile, and carpet.  The Swivel Sweeper G2 comes in three parts and needs to be assembled.  As advertised, it's easy to assemble and I have it done in about a minute.

I charged the included battery pack the night prior so it is fully charged for our test.  The battery slides easily into the lower part of the handle.  The construction of the handle allows for an elbow to bend, giving the sweeper added reach.  Bristles on all four sides allow the sweeper to collect dirt regardless of which side it's used.

I choose to make a mess on both carpet and tile surfaces.  I dump several cereals, baking soda, and confetti on the floor to provide some "dirt" for the Swivel Sweeper to collect.  I even have someone crunch some cereal into the flooring with his foot to make for a deep and complicated spill.

Throwing the switch, the vacuum makes a noticeable but not an overly powerful hum.  I hit my confetti pile first and it picks up most.  The baking soda creates a small dust cloud but a majority of the soda is captured by the sweeper.  However, the sweeper can't reach deep enough into the carpet to get it all, so a bit is left behind on the floor.

With the cereals, the swivel sweeper captures about everything.  But once it gets full, things change.  The container starts to overflow and the particles are thrown back out onto the floor.  Fast motions, shaking, or bumping releases just about all of the contents back onto the floor.  Once I recapture my mess, I empty the container in the can without making a mess on the floor or to my hands.

On the tile, the sweeper is less than impressive.  It grabs some of the mess but spreads the rest across the floor, especially with the confetti.  On a thicker carpet the sweeper's power is bogged.  Plus it catches on the carpet, launching particles across the room.

Although the Swivel Sweeper G2 can bend and reach, our tests show it has trouble keeping the dirt we're trying to capture in its container.  Its collection bin capacity is limited and without warning, it spits out its contents.  Therefore, the Swivel Sweeper G2 spins to a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 cost us nearly $40 at a local business.

We contacted the company Ontel for a response to our test and here's what they had to say.

In reference to the spitting of contents when full, they wrote:
"You should empty the dirt tray when near full to avoid this. It is very easy to empty."

Regarding our problems with use on tile, they said:
"In our testing, the Sweeper works great on hard surfaces, even with wet vegetables."

As for the shag carpet, they responded:
"The sweeper is designed for hard floors and low-pile carpet. It doesn't work well on high pile carpet."

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