Democrats not buying Riley PAC's explanation

Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy
Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy

A political action committee formed by Gov. Bob Riley acknowledged Friday that it received a donation from another PAC in violation of the campaign finance law that Riley pushed through the Legislature. It said it returned the money after discovering the error.

The contribution was first pointed out Friday by state Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy, who accused Riley of not following a ban on PAC-to-PAC transfers that he got enacted in December before leaving office.

The treasurer of Riley's Alabama 2014 PAC, Jessica Taylor, said the PAC mistakenly received the money in March from the Republican State Leadership Committee. She said Riley's PAC returned the money June 24 after discovering the problem.

"Alabama 2014 mistakenly received funds from the Republican State Leadership Committee in March, 2011. Once it was determined that these funds should not have been accepted, they were immediately returned on June 24, 2011," Taylor said.

Kennedy isn't buying the error statement calling it a "flimsy excuse".

"This Washington PAC's defense is absurd," said Kennedy. "Trying to turn this into a comedy of errors distracts from the fact that no matter the circumstances this became an illegal donation..."

Kennedy compared Taylor's explanation to "a bank robber telling a judge he's sorry for the crime and willing to give the money back if all is forgiven."

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