Debt Talks Off!

Talks over the nation's debt crisis on hold tonight. House Speaker John Boehner broke off talks with the President and accused him of moving the goal post. What's next? We've got answers as a deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling gets closer.

Garrett Coliseum got 250 thousand dollars from the legislature but it wasn't enough to save jobs at the aging facility.  Tonight why more than half a dozen people working there are out of work.

Another week of the Federal Bingo Corruption trial in the books!  Former casino lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy wrapped up her testimony today but not before pointing fingers at three state lawmakers she says demanded money for campaign contributions.  Max Reiss looks back at today's testimony.

And music lovers are lining up their boats on Lake Martin in preparation of Aquapalooza. Coming up a look at the country music stars set to perform.

Also, before you make your weekend plans you'll want to hear the forecast.  Meteorologist Jeff Jumper will have the details in about 45 minutes.

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Valorie Lawson