Stuffing Free Dog Toy - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If your dog's idea of a good time involves the disassembly and dispersion of his toys, then you might want to check out this new product.  It's called the Stuffing Free Dog Toy, designed to make less of a mess to clean when Fido rips it apart.  We decided to put it through our "Does it Work?" test.

We take our dog toy to the home of JoBeth Davis.  Her dog Potter is a year old rescue dog who loves to play with toys.  But his fluffy friends don't often stick around for long, because he can be a bit of a chewer.  JoBeth has already cleaned up several of Potter's messes and she's now looking for a less messy solution.

JoBeth explains Potter's habits, "Search and destroy.  That is his favorite thing about playing with toys and he loves soft toys.  But we can't find anything that he cannot destroy and that will not get stuck in my really, really thick carpet."

Well the packaging doesn't make any hard claims on durability -- it just pushes that dogs of all sizes love it and there's no messy stuffing inside.  JoBeth hopes Potter will not leave as much of a mess with this stuffing free toy when he tears it apart as he has with other toys.

"I expect it to not have a tail in about a week.  I don't know that the squeakers will survive all that long," explains JoBeth.

So, off to Potter goes our gutless raccoon and Potter quickly plots his demise.  Potter has the toy to play with under the direct supervision of JoBeth.  We planned to return in a week, but only a few days of Potter play were needed on this toy.

"He tore the squeakers out, he tore the pads of the squeakers out, he started tearing holes into the toy itself and the last hour of testing it's now in two pieces," laughs JoBeth.

All of JoBeth's original predictions were true.  The tail was gone in a three days instead of a week.  Also, the squeakers were removed and punctured, which only took fifteen minutes.  The toy is shredded, but the key here is to avoid a huge mess on the floor.

"It wasn't a mess in the long run to clean up after he did destroy it.  So I would give it a yes on 'Does it Work?',"  JoBeth continues, "but I would do it with the caveat that maybe not for larger dogs or tough chewers."

Keep in mind, our test results with Potter may not match your dog's habits, but overall the mess free destruction of the Stuffing Free Dog Toy have our pups barking a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We found the Stuffing Free Dog Toy on a local store shelf for $9.99.

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