Relief on the way for Autauga County Humane Shelter

Claudia Rigsby will tell you there is nothing more refreshing knowing the climate is about to change in a very dramatic way at the Autauga County Humane Shelter on County Road 4.

A new, 5 ton air conditioning unit is being installed, infinitely better than the fans spinning to keep more than a hundred animals somewhat cool; 70 dogs and 60 cats.

"It's been miserable," Rigsby said.

For three weeks now Rigsby and her employees have battled the heat and they're not the only ones. The cats in the medical room have taken the brunt of it, too.

"You see a lot of laying around, tongues out. Cats don't do heat very well," said Rigsby.

The entire air conditioning system is costing the shelter $6,000. Thanks to generous donors since our initial story on Friday, it won't be long before the shelter is cool again.

The old system says Rigsby wore out.

Over the weekend the shelter received checks ranging from $500.00 to $10.00 and a whole lot in between.

$1,200 collected so far with more on the way. The owner of Jose's Cantina plans to donate 10% off every food and drinks he sells on Wednesday.

Rigsby says the shelter could, in fact, make up the difference if it had to but it would hurt the budget.

Claudia Rigsby says workers need a few hours putting in the system in, three weeks of miserable conditions coming to a merciful end.