Good Pickin' Time

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - They meet deep in the woods of Elmore County.    You might hear them before you can see them.   It happens every Wednesday morning, and the group keeps getting bigger.    And it all got started when the town restaurant decided to close down on Wednesday mornings.   "We just needed somewhere to meet," said Elmore County resident Mike Bellury.

So they picked his land just outside Eclectic.   They built a cabin and nicknamed it the Tussie mansion, and the rest is history.  "All these boys come out here and we'll eat, and then just start picking and playing."   The sounds of gospel, bluegrass, and country music bounce off the porch of the rural cabin.

But before they start playing music, they eat.    The smell of sausage, biscuits, grits and eggs make some pretty sweet music too.   When asked what's better, the food or the music?   Bellury said, "my wife is gonna see this so I'm gonna say the food brings em' out here every week."   Good answer.

As soon as they clean their plates, they clear their throats and pull out the guitars, banjos and dobros.  Then it's pickin' time.   "I really do miss it when I'm not here," said Fleahop resident Wayne M. Smith.   "I learned a whole lotta slang, heard a whole lotta stories, and also learned a lot about music and playing the guitar too."

The only tough decision of the day, when do they stop playing.   It usually depends on how well they're playing, because the food is always going to top the charts.

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