NCAA panel recommends closure to Newton loophole

Cam Newton during a press conference at Auburn.
Cam Newton during a press conference at Auburn.

An NCAA panel is recommending that the definition of agents be broadened to close the loophole that allowed Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton to keep playing despite his father's pay-for-play scheme.

The Division I Amateurism Cabinet is sponsoring legislation that would include family members and other third parties who shop an athlete's services to schools for financial gain.

The proposal was announced Tuesday on the NCAA's Web site.

The NCAA determined that Cecil Newton - Cam's father - shopped his son's services to Mississippi State when Cam Newton was being recruited out of junior college.

Cam Newton was reinstated after a one-day suspension because the NCAA found he didn't know about the pay-for-play scheme.

He was cleared to play in the SEC and national championship games. The decision puzzled many across college athletics.

Newton skipped his senior year of college to enter the NFL draft. He went on to be the top pick in the first round draft for the Carolina Panthers.

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