EPA investigates Montgomery Plume

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The federal government is announcing that it will investigate air quality issues in the capital city. The Environment Protection Agency is looking into what is called "The Capital City Plume".

It's Montgomery County's Annex III building. It was formerly the Montgomery Advertiser building, but now some county employees who work there call it the sick building.

Some employees have complained of headaches, burning eyes and respiratory illness since moving in back in 2009. Now the EPA will send a team to see if there's a serious problem inside. "I guess I was a little surprised," said County Risk Manager Scott Kramer.

Kramer tells us the county has performed its own tests. He says, "The testing we have done has not revealed any concern."

Five employees were in purchasing section, three  complained of symptoms. To be safe, the county moved them back to the old building.  The area has now been closed off.

"I think the county commission has taken this issue very seriously," adds Kramer.

The EPA will begin testing Tuesday. It identified the Montgomery Advertiser as one of the entities that may have caused the plume. The county spent an estimated $15 million  on renovations after it purchased the building in 2007.

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