More towns and counties will participate in sales tax holiday...

Tuesday - July 26, 2011

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Tonight in the WSFA 12 News at 10, we'll tell you how you can save as much as 10% on a weekend shopping spree!  It's the state's sales tax holiday...and it's not that far away.
For years, Alabama battled its high school drop out rate.  But now we're making significant progress in keep teens in school until they graduate.  We'll find out what's behind the increase.
Prosecutors have rested their case in the state house corruption trial.  And tomorrow may be interesting because we expect the defense attorneys to ask that some or all of the charges against the nine defendants to be dropped.  We'll have more on that intriguing thought coming up from the federal courthouse.
A man arrested in Birmingham is indicted on charges of threatening the President.  Oh - did I mention he also had an M-15 machine gun with him? 
Were there any NCAA violations involving a clothing store in Tuscaloosa?  Tonight, the University of Alabama issues a statement about the situation.  We'll have a couple of stories - one early in the news block and again in our sports segment.  Hope you'll stay tuned for that.
And, Rich Thomas talks about heavy rainfall in our area at the dinner hour - and whether more is likely tomorrow.
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