Abbeville Man Taken to Court in an Ambulance

It wasn't exactly the normal setting for a court hearing, but Thursday a 600 lbs. man pleaded guilty to theft and forgery charges from the back of an ambulance parked outside the Henry County courthouse.

Officials said because of the man's size -- he was unable to enter the building. Circuit Judge Edward Jackson accepted the plea from 33 year old Rodney Danzy in the parking lot. The judge placed the Eufaula man on probation, with 500-dollars in fines on each charge.

Henry County Sheriff Lawton Ed Armstong said benches were set up in the parking lot for trial in case Danzy decided not to plead guilty. Danzy pleaded guilty to having people to cash his Social Security disability checks for him in 1999.

He kept the money and later claimed the checks had been stolen, according to prosecutors. A second theft charge was over a stolen lawnmower -- the forgery count was related to a stolen $50  check. The sheriff said after sentencing, a friend of Danzy's drove him back to his home in a station wagon.

Produced by Vanessa Staples